About Quai’s Aromatherapy and Herbal Consultation Practice

My herbalism practice is geared towards you if you’re interested in collaborating on ways to use herbal teas, extracts or aromatherapy to support your emotional and physical wellness. My expertise is:

  • healing trauma
  • reducing anxiety and stress
  • tending to grief
  • mild depression
  • improving sleep
  • support managing burnout from imbalances, which may stem from your work or managing other responsibilities
  • consultations that optimize your physical-emotional wellbeing, because everything is connected.

I work with the plant based tools of: aromatherapy, herbal formulas (teas, tinctures, infusions) and plant essences, which are subtle energetic influences from plants. Essences may assist you if you want support in holding intentions and to enhance your perceptiveness.

My practice is informed by assessment practices that help identify patterns that are showing up in whatever may be ailing you. This allows us to work together to find herbal combinations that address your needs on multiple levels. I reference research when it’s applicable to a specific concern, yet come from a perspective that isn’t about the expert telling someone how to take care of themselves. Rather, we’ll work with what you know about yourself and collaborate by using your knowledge with options that herbalism has to offer.

Since herbal remedies often have a cumulative effect, I will help you to garner regular practices to integrate plant resources into your life. You will gain the most out of my services if you are motivated to learn and devote time to apply what you learn.

The guiding principals of my herbalism are:

  • comfort of our bodies and emotions are intrinsically connected
  • awareness of where herbal wisdom comes from allows us to honor relationships with natural resources, communities that harvest and lineages
  • an ideal consultation results from my drawing from herbal knowledge and your applying herbal rituals that are compatible to your unique life

Herbal Offerings

Herbal, Emotional First Aid for Pain or Stress

Choose this package if you want me to be your partner in working through a rough patch.

Full Herbal Consultation Package

This is the choice for you if you want to begin to invest in making big changes and you realize those changes take time.

Herbal Resources for Therapists & Service Providers

For therapists and service providers who are interested in sustainability.

Apothecary Sourcing

Essential oils and hyrdrosols, which are waters that are gentler than essential oils and have numerous therapeutic benefits from the plant, are only sourced from companies that ethically harvest, and Quai does not work with any multi-level marketing companies. Quai has an apothecary of herbs that have been ethically sourced.

For more information on Quai’s training, please click the about page.


Do you offer remote consultations?

While in person is ideal, I understand that doesn’t always work and that you may not be local to where I offer services (in New York City). So I do provide remote consultations and will work with you over video and phone.

Are your services confidential?

Yes! It’s important for you to feel you’re able to discuss anything that’s relevant to what you’re wanting from your consultation. I strive to provide a non-judgemental environment and many people comment that my way of asking questions allows an ease they don’t always experience.

How did you determine pricing for herbalism packages and services?

My herbal offerings take you on a journey of learning more about your interconnected, physiological-emotional needs and pricing covers the journey.

Factors that go into my pricing, including: time I spend assessing individual needs, on the process of developing customized formulation and lifestyle suggestions, researching specific issues, packaging and delivering your formulas, and sourcing my apothecary to meet client needs. Additionally I have to cover the cost of materials and labeling. I will likely spend triple or quadruple the amount of time I’m talking with you to deliver your customized service.

The last two other factors are the costs of running my practice and what I needed to invest in order to equip myself to work with botanicals ethically, and in targeted and effective ways. I’ve spent years and a significant amount of resources in my own learning process.

Do you offer a sliding scale for your herbalism services?

I believe it’s everyone’s right to access this form of self care and health supporting services. If my offerings speak to you, but you cannot afford them, please stay tuned! I’m working on ways to deliver free information and education. Additionally, when a sliding scale spot opens, I’ll post that. If you want to be placed on my sliding scale wait list, please email me.

Can I just pick your brain? I have a brief question and don’t think I need one of the above packages.

I thought long and hard about this and have decided to not offer one-offs because I find that often people don’t realize that something that seems like a quick question isn’t. And it can be harmful to just try and quickly find an herbal remedy without fully understanding how botanicals work and what your unique situation is.

Truly, quick fixes are most often an illusion. Healing takes time, and assessing what’s causing an imbalance does too.

If you really feel your question is a quick one and could benefit others, do email me it! I’m working on a podcast and some free resources and would love to share that knowledge!

What if I’m already working on my struggles with another type of provider?

That’s wonderful. Often times more than one source of support is needed. If you’re working with a holistic practitioner, psychotherapist, psychophramacologist (provider for mental health medications) or other provider, I’ll be interested in supporting the work you’re already doing with them!

What does an “aromatic blend” mean?

This is a mix of essential oils, often times diluted in a vegetable oil. While I sometimes work with single essential oils, I often use synergies, which means blending with two or more essential oils to create a powerful aromatic tool. Powerful because it’s able to get to the nervous system nearly instantly and powerful because having an aroma that touches you, will mean you have a support that’s pleasing and specific to you.

Please note, aromatherapy and herbalism are not medical practices and I do not diagnose for these services. Please see my disclaimer about aromatherapy and herbalism by clicking on this text.

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