Non-judgmental, nuanced support for people who want an interactive, collaborative therapist and therapy that honors lived experiences and identities.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for people who chose an intentional journey process with the support of a psychedelic.

Consultation/supervision for therapists looking for support with their work in complex trauma, developmental trauma, harm reduction and anti-oppressive therapeutic interventions.

Who I serve

I provide psychotherapy to adults who are interested in an interactive, compassionate therapy process. People who come to see me are looking for someone who will understand all aspects of their identity and how they navigate the world. 

They are looking for ways to calm anxiety, move through difficult spots and to gain clarity about themselves so they can have healthy relationships. They want consistent support and process. They question why they repeat things that seem to not serve them, and want therapy that assists them to establish and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

They appreciate a gentle therapy space that invites honest self reflection. 

Some people I work with started therapy shortly after a big change, like a break up, starting a new relationship or job, after loosing someone in their life or transitioning their gender. Some are looking to find their brave spirits. And some are seeking ways to improve stress and deepen their inner calm. 

My work tends to resonate with people who appreciate a good metaphor and are passionate about something– be that community they’re part of, interests or their work.

    I have extensive experience supporting people with:

    • anxiety that inhibits self expression
    • healing intergenerational trauma
    • people pleasing tendencies 
    • healing from harms earlier in life such as abuse, neglect and abandonment
    • managing grief
    • identifying boundaries and self care practices
    • improving relationships
    • harm reduction or sobriety work
    • exploring sexuality and intimacy
    • grief

    Additionally my work serves:

    • sensitive-natured people
    • queer-identified individuals
    • people who are gender-transitioning or exploring gender
    • transgender-identified, gender-expansive, non-binary, gender-nonconforming and gender-queer people
    • adult children who are establishing or improving their adult relationships with their parents
    • people who are estranged from their family of origin
    • people who want to work with someone who uses an intersectional lens to holistically be understood
    • people pursuing creative work


    I’m a life long learner to ensure my work stays fresh, rich, nuanced and informed by things that are relevant to my clients’ experiences. My practice is trauma-healing-focused and uses an intersectional lens to address lived experiences and the nuanced needs of each person. I’m an out, queer, White psychotherapist based in New York City. I am committed to unlearning supremacy and offer therapy that is compassionate. I work with adults who are diverse in their racial, class, gender, sexual and cultural identities. 

    I’m a licensed clinical social worker with 15 years of psychotherapy experience and have been offer direct service for the last two decades. I do this work because it’s fulfilling and an honor to be with someone as they discover ways to find more ease in their life. I have post graduate training in trauma informed modalities, integrative treatment, and specialize in anxiety and improving relationships. . I am trained in Sensorimotor (somatic therapy,), as well as Internal Family Systems. 

    My practice uses experiential therapies, which engage my clients in beyond what their cognitive mind is thinking. I also a relational approach, which means I see the therapy relationship as potential source of healing. My services address anxiety, developmental, relational, and complex trauma, substance use as well as gender identity and sexuality. Additionally, I have studied harm reduction and non-verbal modalities that work with the nervous system, such as the AcuDetox/NADA protocol and herbalism, which assists me in helping clients find practices outside of therapy to self regulate and nourish their nervous systems.

    People who receive therapy from me tell me they feel more comfortable talking about themselves than they expected. They often say they feel cared for by how much I retain through time to support them in making new connections and better understanding their struggles with increased self-compassion. 

    Core Values

    Being fully seen and understood in therapy is crucial.

    When you go to therapy, the depth of the work relies on a layered understanding of who you are and what life experiences impact you.

    Effective therapy also depends on the degree to which a therapist understands their own inner and outer world and minds carefully how they show up and hold space. 

    My core values as a therapist are:


    Trustworthy work comes from not assuming anything

    Each person is best equipped to discover their deepest needs, and community + intentional personal process assists in finding clarity

    Liberation from inner conflict and unease involves healing shame

    Experiential therapy garners lasting improvements

    Humor and an intersectional lens are components of good therapy!

    If you’re interested in potentially working with me, please message me at quai [@] discoverspace . me to set up a consultation call to see if we are a good fit.